More than a Social Mask

The Sustainable Masks are sustainable fashion accessories, certified, with high breathability and comfort.

Customize your mask with our 3D customization tool and create a single mask.



Converging inspiration and materializing creativity.

Collections of products by segments, themes and innovations.

We reinforce the identity of the brands.


Customize your sneaker

With a selection of materials that meet the environmental and human health certifications, these EU designed and produced sneakers offer comfort in a highly customizable product.

With over 250 possible color combinations, Sneakersmania is a wise choice for anyone looking for a high quality customizable product.


High quality customizable lanyards.

Lanyardsmania® is the result of our long experience in trimmings and our will to create promotional solutions.

The wide range of lanyards with different uses, materials and accessories makes this one of the most complete offers on the market. To prove it, try the online simulator we have developed for you!


Comfort and safety in your events

Heliotextil has developed an innovative locking system to complement the range of high quality wristbands. Bracelock distinguishes itself by the comfort and security that it offers and by the different colors available that can also be customized.


A perfect loop

The union of a elastic band in continuous, without any type of overlap, for maximum comfort in your products. Whether for promotional use on the wrist, on the head or as an element in your underwear brand, Gumring presents itself as a product with unique features.


Seamless applications

Cover Sealings are one of our recent developments. Used in details for heat applications, they make your products more functional and attractive.

They are totally customizable and more sustainable, being therefore a differentiating technology when compared with other materials in the market.


Elastic customization

Give your footwear a unique look through our range of Elasticolour® elastics, with customizable colors and designs and tested according to the main footwear standards.

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